Atharv Ved

According to Nirukta (11.18) "That by which all sorts of doubts and imperfections are removed; and expertise is achieved, is ArthavaVeda". The knowledge, activity and practice lead to the state of perfection in all branches of knowledge, whether social or physical sciences. So Atharva veda deals with science, technology, applied social sciences and human behavior. Its subjects includes mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astrology, Cosmology, Medical Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Military Sciences, Aeronotics, Creation of Universe, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, etc but it does not include history.

Atharva is one of the highly misinterpreted Vedic Granth. Many of the knowledgeable people (including Saayan, Griffith, etc) has mis-interpreted it to be of the Veda of Magic/Voodoism. There is nothing in the Vedas, including Atharva Veda that is opposed to the sciences and logic and Atharv Ved do not constitute Magic / Voodoism. Atharv Veda is infact an encyclopedia of many sciences including the medicine and chemical sciences.

Atharv Ved is the last of the four Vedas. It is also known by the names BrahmVeda (owing to its description on oneness of God), ChhandoVeda (being the giver of Aanand) and Atharvaangirash Veda (as it was acquired by Rishi Angiraa). It has 20 Kandas, 111 Anuvaak, 731 Sukta and 5977 Mantras.

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