Vedas do not contain history

Vedas are Apowrusheya (unauthored) and Nitya (eternal). They are applicable to all times and do not contain or refer to any history of mankind.

The Supreme Knowledge called Vedas are like water flowing in a river . They are ever since creation of mankind on the earth and have remained intact even after many "pralay(s)". They at the beginning of the human kind were revealed to the most worthy people Agni , Vaayu , Angiraa and Aaditya rishii.

There is not a single reference of history or geography after the evolution of the human kind in the Vedas. And to say that Vedas contain history because of words like Pururuva, Ram, Tutvasu is like saying Bhagvad Puran and poems of Soordas are stories of BJP because it contains mention of Lal Krishna, Murli Manohar, Swaraj, Arun, Atal, etc.

Vedas do not contain any reference of any other book, scripture or person. However, other books, scriptures, etc do contain the reference of Vedas.

Due to the flawless sciencetific methodology used in the literature of the Vedas (please see, even the slightest of adulteration of the Vedas can be detected by the intelligent mind. So even after lacs of years of evolution, Vedas are the only texts which are unchanged and unadulterated.

Vedas contains reference to the cycles of creation and destruction. However, reference to cyclical definite event does not constitute history. This verse would be applicable in future creations as well, and has been applicable always.

Vedas talk of fundamental laws and principles. Things that remain the same. Human actions are subject to human will for which ishwar has granted us freedom. Vedas will not foretell that. It can at best say that if you do x,y,z then a,b or c will happen. Vedas are books of science and hence do not deal with things that can change based on human will.

For example Vedas will not predict that Kaliyug will be full of problems. Ishwar has given us will and capability to change the present reality and declining trend. If indeed this were impossible, why would Vedas call for Purusharth to change society and self for better? But Vedas will predict that the only way to win over Mrityu is by knowing ishwar the way He is. There is no other way.

If we try to know Him, different kind of human event will happen. If we refuse to do so, a different kind will happen. Collective of this over many people becomes a human historical event.

Its a big misconception that Vedas were written or even compiled by Maharshi Vyaasa ji. However, Some believe that Vedavyasa made Vedas into written form for this age of Kali where memory is short, though there is no evidence to such belief.