Karma Phal Siddhant

Karma Phal Siddhant states that whatever one gets are the fruits of his own actions. But to an inquisite mind, many questions arises about “Karma (Actions)”, “Phal (Fruits)”, “One (Atma / Soul)”, “Gets”, and many questions arises out of the answers. 

This subject is heavily dealt with in the Vedic Literature. Different Granths have explained it in different ways, perhaps because any one explanation cannot answer all the questions of the inquisite minds of different tilts, and perhaps Bhagvad Geeta specialises on it. The enlisted below is one of the ways to explain the same, pointing out some basics. 

The subject has been in detail in the book "Karm Phal Mimaansa" authored by Satish Arya ji. The audio of the book is given as attachments (chapterwise).



A.~ 1. He punishes the corrupt in many ways. One, they do not get the mental peace and bliss as one who is on path of God. Please do not consider those who are on right path out of fear and not reason.

2. Corrupts make waste of their lives. If you consider life to extend beyond these hundred odd years, you will understand that it would be foolhardy to make any conclusion out of only 100 years.

3. You were born in this corrupt world because as per your previous spiritual evolution, this earth and this yuga was best for your further growth.

4. He does not sit like a king and orders punishment for souls. Instead every moment he works with you and for you to help you grow and improve. Thus if you think evil, adverse hormonal reactions start in your body, you start feeling uncomfortable. But if you refuse to pay attention to these signals, you dig grave for yourself. Yajurveda 40.3 states that such people pave their path to enter darkness.

5. The simple approach to God realization is to follow one’s minutest instincts – avoid any task which gives feeling of shame, confusion or guilt. And proactively seek urges that bring feelings of happiness, satisfaction, alertness of mind. These have to be done at minute level and not coarsely. Thus you would see that putting efforts, gaining knowledge, helping others, meditation etc give utmost satisfaction that no material thing – wealth, political power, sexual craving etc can compare. Most material enjoyments are illusions because of debilitated mind that has lost his capability to think properly like an alcoholic losing control over senses.

6. We have created our own assumptions that money, wealth, power, sex etc in themselves bring happiness. And hence assume that those who get it are most happy. We feel disheartened that some people do all wrong things and get easy access to these. But only those remain happy who use these only as tools for a higher purpose. And right happiness can come through right goals and right means, both. Here by right means, I do not imply complying by human-created laws. But complying by laws of nature/Ishwar. Do you think a Netaji Bose or Bismil was unhappy in his pursuit. No! Instead the satisfaction that they derived from following their conscience is beyond any comparison with those who consider petty things like wealth, power, lust as goals in themselves. Do you think a Shahrukh Khan can be more happy in life than a Dayanand Saraswati or Shivaji? If you think, you are in illusion.

7. To understand these laws, we need to introspect and study. And that will help us redefine our definition of success and happiness. This will resolve your doubts.

The goal of life is to seek happiness. That is evident in each act of every living being around.

Prove yourself that worldly gains are biggest determinants of happiness and your assertions may be right. But this is only a myth. Wordly gains are necessary to an extent, and only as a tool. The moment they become goals in themselves, they become seeds of misery. Many may get easy access to them due to past karma and present efforts. But unless you are driven by a higher goal, it will only add to misery.

This is law of Paramatma and it ensures that He remans just and kind, always.