Sri Madhvacharya

As a thinker and Philosopher Sri Madhvacharya (1238-1317) was original and critical, and on all the vedantic texts he touched upon as an Acharya, he has cast his own impress, diverging considerably from the beaten track. The philosophy of Realism has found in him its most powerful exponent.


Sri Madhva-known also by three other names, Vasudeva, Purnaprajna and Anandatirtha- is definitely known to have lived from 1238 - 1317 to a ripe old age of seventy nine post which is is supposed to be living at Badarikashrama.


Sri Madhvacharya is considered to be an incarnation of Mukhyaprana (identified with Lord Visnu's creative force, Hiranyagarbha), the first of His emanations to undertake the work to redeem the world from the hostile doctrine(s) that had become popular during this era and help the fellow human beings get their derailed purpose of life back on track.