Teachings of Vedic Granth

Vedas are the knowledge given by God to Humans so that the Humans would know how to live their life and attain the objective of the human's life. Hence, as obviously expected, Vedas do contain information on all the knowledge that would not only be needed to live an ideal human life but also the knowledge that would quench the curiosity to understand why the Vedic knowledge is the correct knowledge... 

Typically, an average person will have following queries:-

- Who are humans and what is their objective of life?

- What is life? Why is there a life?

- Who is GOD? What is his role in human's life?

- What things do Humans need for a living? Whats the science behind those?

- What humans should do to live a life? Whats the art behind that?

- Who gives the humans the knowhow? Haven't the humans discovered/ invented all knowledge themselves.. gradually?

- Who created the Humans? And why? Didn't the humans originated automatically from the monkeys?

- Why is it necessary to attain Moksha? What is Moksha?

- What is this matter and energy around? What is there place in the life of a human? Why so?

- What is time? When did it start? Who controls it? How?

- What happens if Humans do not follow the path prescribed by the Vedas?

- What are other living beings? Are they not made by God? Why is then the knowledge of the Vedas meant for humans alone?

- Who made all the above rules and why?

- Who controls all the above rules and why?

- What does God benefit out of all the above rules? Is he playing some game? For his enjoyment

- Did some one created this world? Why? How?

- What is the basic behavior of humans? How should they manage themselves, families, societies, country and the planet in which they live?

- etc, etc ... and.. 

- What is the evidence for all the answers above?

Answers in brief to the above questions are given in this link == click here.

Please also go through the following links and downloadable material in them:-

- Trinity 

- Cosmogony 

- 4 Objectives of Human Life

- Karma Phal Siddhant

- 5 Daily Duties

- 5 Yam & 5 Niyam

- 4 Ashrams

- 4 Varnas

- 16 Sanskaars (Rituals)

- Yoga

- Worship

- Misc 

The knowledge of the Vedas are eternal. Hence they do not contain the following:-

- History

- Geography

A person of higher intelligence would have deeper queries, to which also the Vedas answer, but for which a more systematic approach of reading would be required... Please go through "RIgVedadi Bhasya Bhumika" and "Satyarth Prakash" for the same. Both are available in English and Hindi on http://aryasamajjamnagar.org/