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Another myth being percolated is that Aryans used to call the natives Rakshas and killed them. Thus Rakshas is considered a synonym of Dasyu or Daas who suffered from Aryan loot. While it is not far from truth that Rakshas is quite close to Dasyu or Daas in meaning, nothing more could be more fanciful than considering Rakshas also to be a race or tribe. We have already debunked the myth of Daas or Dasyu being any race and have proved that Daas or Dasyu mean criminals with destructive tendencies. In this post, let us evaluate the meaning of Rakshas and see why Vedas call for killing of Rakshas even if she is a woman.

Rigveda 7.104.24

O warrior! You should destroy both the male Rakshas and female Rakshas who kills by deceit . May such Rakshas not see the light of dawn.

They are termed as Yatudhaan (those who attack human dwellings) and Kravyaad (those who eat raw flesh).

Rigveda 7.104.17

A female Rakshasi who like an owl ventures out to kill in night should be destroyed along with other Rakshas.

Rigveda 7.104.18

O Powerful Ones! You should stand up to protect the masses and capture the Rakshas who intend to kill and destroy peace in night.

Rigveda 7.104.21

The king should destroy those Rakshas who kill others and destroy peaceful activities.

Rigveda 7.104.22

Destroy the Rakshas who attack like an owl, hound, wolf , eagle or vulture.

It is clear that Rakshas refers to the most notorious terrorists and criminals who are danger to peaceful society. There should be no consideration of gender to destroy such people.

To make it more clear, refer the following mantras:

Rigveda 7.104.15

May I be killed today itself, if I become a Yatudhaan (one who attacks human dwellings) or reduce the life of any human. But if I am not so, those who falsely implicate me as being a Yaatudhaan be destroyed.

Rigveda 7.104.16

Those who call me Yaatudhan or Rakshas even though I am not, and those who claim to be innocent even though they are with Rakshas may both be destroyed. Thus even the silent supporters of Rakshas or terrorists should be destroyed.

And for such terrorists, there should be no mercy on any pretext.

Very clearly, Vedas do not specify any race or tribe, and instead call for destruction of terrorizing forces and their supporters. May these prayers of Vedas become reality and all the Rakshas of the world like Osama Bin Laden and their supporters be destroyed completely.