Dear Friend, Namaste.

The objective of this simple website is to tell about the content and availability of the Key Vedic Literatures (here on called Vedic Granth). We are gradually developing the website to contain information on the said objective including, in particular, the following:-

    • What are the Vedic Granth?

    • What are the main teachings of the Vedic Granth?

    • What are the popular misconceptions on Vedas?

    • Where are the Vedic Granth available?

    • Where can be more information on the Vedic Granth found?

    • Who are the Key / Great Authors contributing to understanding of the Vedic Granth?

The Website also entails the life and works of Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji, the greatest Vedic Scholar of modern times.

You can also contribute, by enriching the information content / arrangement of the website. To post your suggestions, kindly click on the link "Post your suggestions".


Virendra Agarwal