Vedic Projects

Individuals, Groups and NGOs across the globe are working on various Vedic Projects. This is an attempt to make of compilation of recent (completed and WIP) efforts. A fair compilation should help in Visibility and Collaboration.

Modus Operandi

1. If you know of any Vedic Projects which is 'work in progress (WIP)' or 'recently completed (in last 2 years)'. Please let us know. We will make a record of that.

2. To let us know, please join (temporarily) the following whats app group [Vedic Projects around 🌏] by clicking on the following link :

3. Volunteer 1 will make a scheduled call and discuss the project details with you / project owner and make a record

4. Volunteer 2 will make another schedule call to verify the record (maker / checker)

5. The project owner will be given read access to all the records for valid use and collaboration.

6. Typically, many of these projects need volunteers (including this one :). Please join in the noted whats app group