The Great Authors

Swami Dayanand Saraswati has been the greatest of all Vedic Scholars in the post Vedic Period. Not only was he a perfectionaist grammararian, but he was also a great yogi, which are the two main requirements for understanding the Vedas. He studied (a) Sanskrit for tens of years from many Pandits across India, particularly in Kashi and Haridwar; and (b) yoga from many Yogacharyas in Himalayas and Narmada Valley. He was then atlast chieseled into a perfect grammararian in 1866-69 by Swami Virjanand Dandi, after which Swamiji started his Vedic Mission with his full energy.

In 1875 AD, Swamiji formed Arya Samaj, which became the main organisation in propagating the message of the Vedas. under the banner of Arya Samaj many people were educated and transformed to great men of India; some became freedom fighters, some became Vedic Scholars, some became Yogis, and some became social reformers. Each of these great men were woven by a common link, the link of the knowledge of Vedic Granth.

Through this page and its sub page, we will try to share the life and works of such great men of India. This webpage is result of gradual development process.... and under progress. Please do provide your valuable suggestions, if any.


Generation -1 (Shisya of Swami Dayanand)

    • Swami Shraddhanand / Munshiram (1856-1926): Founder of Gurukul Kangri

    • Pandit Gurudatta Vidyarthi (1864-1890)

    • Swami Hansraj (1864-1938)

    • Lala Lajpat Rai

    • Swami Nityaanand Brahmachaari (1860-1914)

Generation - 2 (Shisya of Gen1)

    • Pandit Atmaram Amritsari (1866-1938): Shishya of Pdt Gurudatta

    • Pandit Bhagvad Dutta...

    • Pandit Brahmadatta Jijnasu (1882-1964): Shishya of

    • Pandit Deenbandu Shastri

    • Pandit Vishwanaath Vidyaalankar (1889 to 1991): Shishya of Gurukul Kangri

    • Swami Bhoomanand Saraswati

    • Bhai Parmanand (1875-1947)

    • Santram B.A (1887-1988)

    • Dr. Gokul Chand Naarang (1878-1969)

    • Dr. BaalKrishna (1882-1940)

    • Swami Vedaanand Tirth (1892-1946)

    • Pandit Gangaprasad Upadhyaya (1881-1968)

    • Indra Vidya Vaachaspati (1881-1960)

Generation - 3 (Shisya of Gen2)

    • Pandit Dharmadev Siddhantalankaar Vidyavaachaspati / Swami Dharmaanand Vidyamaartand (1901-1978)

    • Pandit Yudhistir Mimansak (1909 to 1994): Shishya of Pandit Brahmadatta Jijnasu

    • Pandit LakshmiDatta Dixit / Swami Vidyanand Saraswati (1915-2003)

    • Swami Jagadishwaranand Saraswati...

    • Swami Anand Swami Saraswati

    • Mahatma Narayan Swami

    • Swami Satyapati Parivraajak

    • Jyotish Gaveshak Bramhchari Vedvrat Mimansak: Shishya of Pandit Yudhistir Mimansak

    • Pandit Raghunaathprasad Pathak (1901-1985)

    • Veetraag Sarvadanand ji Maharaaj (....): Anand Sangrah,

Generation - 3+

    • Dr. Bhawani Lal Bhartiya (1928-)

    • Professor Umakaant Upadhyaya (

    • Dr. Rajendra Jigyasu (

    • Swami Satyanand Saraswati ( ): Satya Upadeshmala,