Rigvediya Sandhyaavandana

From time immemorial man has been preparing to face uncertainties and

struggling to overcome difficulties in life. Broadly speaking the

difficulties and conflicts he faces can be categorised as physical on the

one extreme and spiritual on the other, intervened by various other stages

like ethical, intellectual, emotional, filial, occupational, professional,

societal, national and so on. While enormous education, training and

efforts go into tackling difficulties, conflicts and uncertainties at the

basest physical level onwards, these are waning with the progression to the

noblest spiritual level. It is towards strengthening in this direction

that man has evolved rituals and faith in that Universal Power and set out

in search thereof. Ideally, man should turn everything he does into sacred

with a view to know himself and his God and towards this strengthen all his

faculties. Sandhyaa vandana, worship of Gods three times a day at the

junctures of Night-Morning-afternoon-evening, invoking their blessings and

strength, is one such important activity.