Smriti(s) are the books of social, economic and political laws which are changeable with time and have been composed by scholars from time to time as the need was. Amongts 250 Smrities (known to have been mentioned in different texts) only some 57 are traceable now, the most prominent ones being Manu Smriti.
After the last plavan, the learned King Vaivaswat Manu took the pledge of re establishing the displaced human society. He authored Manu Smriti in which he laid the basic natural, civil and criminal laws required to run a society. There are 12 chapters in ManuSmriti.
YajyaValka Smriti is another valuable one. It consists of 3 Chapters: Aachaar, Vyavahaar, & Praayashchita. Some twenty other Smritis are:-
  •                                                               i.            Atri
  •                                                             ii.            Vishnu
  •                                                           iii.            Haareeta
  •                                                           iv.            Aushanasi
  •                                                             v.            AAngirasa
  •                                                           vi.            Yama
  •                                                         vii.            AApastamba
  •                                                       viii.            Samvarta
  •                                                           ix.            Kaatyaayana
  •                                                             x.            Brihaspati
  •                                                           xi.            Paaraashara
  •                                                         xii.            Vyaasa
  •                                                       xiii.            Shankha
  •                                                       xiv.            Likhita
  •                                                         xv.            Daksha
  •                                                       xvi.            Gautama
  •                                                     xvii.            Shaataatapa
  •                                                   xviii.            Vashishtha
  •                                                       xix.            Bhrigu
  •                                                         xx.            Naarada
Sr No  Title  Author  Publisher, Place  Language
 1 RAJRISHI Manu aur unki Manusmriti  Dr Surendra Kumar Govindram Hasanand  Hindi
 2  VISHUDDH MANUSMRITI  Dr Surendra Kumar  Govindram Hasanand  Hindi
 3  MANUSMRATE : MAANAVARSH BHASHYAM  Indra Raman  Govindram Hasanand  Hindi
 4  MANUSMRTI (10 Vols.)
(With the ëManubhasyaí of Medhatithi)
 Tr.,Ed. & Annot. Ganganath Jha  Motilal Banarsidas  English
 5  Minor Law Books: Narada and Brihaspati Smriti  Tr. Julius Jolly  Motilal Banarsidas  English
 6  The Naradasmrti  R.W. Lariviere  Motilal Banarsidas  English